The I/O (input/output) computing term is defined as the communication between an information processing system (such as a computer), and the outside world (such as a person). I/O is a reflection of the relationship between electronic music and those who listen to it.























Hayden Baptiste is an independent film and music producer. His shared passion for music and movies led him to launch his own entertainment company with his business partner Rodney Davidson.  Hayden is the president of Wandering Worx Entertainment, a Vancouver, BC based film production company (Wandering Worx Films) and record label (Wandering Worx Music).  He has produced award winning short films, music videos and feature length movies which have aired on networks such as CBC, Bravo and Much Music.  He has also worked as an Associate Producer on the Hallmark network's made for TV movie '3 Weeks 3 Kids'  and The Movie Network's 'Confined'.
Most recently, Hayden produced a sci-fi thriller short called 'Leave Us Alone' which he is currently developing  into a feature length film. Leave Us Alone  was accepted into the 2013 Screamfest festival in Los Angeles which is known for launching the film Paranormal Activity and the world premiere will be at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Hayden is an accomplished music producer and composer. He broke into the music industry after being scouted by Long Island rapper Kool Kim of the legendary group The UMC's. He has produced tracks featuring established rap artists such as Brother Ali, Jasiri X,  Rhymefest, Chuck D and  Planet Asia.  In 2009, Hayden was selected among thousands of submissions to compete in the Red Bull Big Tune Competition, a U.S. national showcase for music producers.